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3 Signs Your Home Has Hard Water

Arizona soil contains two minerals — calcium and magnesium — which can make tap water hard. Homes with hard water are more susceptible to clogs due to mineral deposits, so it’s important to be aware of whether your water is hard or soft. Below are three signs your home has hard water:

1. Mineral deposits and scaling

The first thing to look for when determining if your home has hard water is the appearance of mineral deposits, aka scaling, after water has evaporated. It will look like white blotches or powder on the inside of cups and other dishes after they’ve dried. Keep an eye out for these deposits around fixtures and faucets as well.

2. You have trouble getting soap to lather

Some people with hard water complain that soap won’t seem to lather, whether they’re washing your hair or doing laundry. Minerals can interact with soap, making it less effective. Pay attention to how frothy soap gets when washing for help determining whether or not your home has hard water.

3. Reduced water pressure

Because minerals can build up in your pipes, they can also restrict water flow. This can contribute to lower water pressure throughout your home. However, if you’ve noticed that your water pressure has decreased, it could also indicate a leak. Either way, it’s important to call a professional as soon as possible.

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