Clogged Sewer Line Problems?

When is the last time you thought about your sewer line? It’s probably been a while. In fact, most homeowners don’t give their sewer line a second thought–until something goes wrong. There are certain steps homeowners can take to prevent a clogged sewer line.

Call for Backup

If there is excess water coming out of your drains or a gurgling noise coming from your pipes, it indicates a backup in your system. Our expert plumbers will be able to identify the location of the clog. We can determine if it occurred in the main sewer line or one of the secondary lines.

The Root of All Problems

Since the main sewer line is found underground, sewer lines become clogged due to tree roots. This is especially common in older homes. On the other hand, newer homes experience clogged sewer lines when personal hygiene products are not properly disposed of. The soap and oils quickly form a barrier on the walls of the drain lines thus making hair, toilet paper, etc get easily caught.

When clogged sewer lines are a continuous problem you may want to consider a hydro jetting of the pipes or a biodegradable drain cleaner. When a broken sewer pipe occurs a repair is needed and sometimes a replacement. When a replacement is needed we have options for you as a homeowner. A trench-less sewer line replacement is a popular approach these days because of the many benefits.

If you are interested in having your sewer line inspected or having preventative maintenance done then give the professionals at Plumbing Medic a call today!

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