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Earth Day Tips: Top 3 Water Wasters in Your Home

As most of our area continues to suffer from moderate to severe long-term drought, water conservation is more important than ever. And, unfortunately, most of us are wasting more water than we realize. In recognition of Earth Day, let’s take a look at the top three water wasters in your home:

1. Leaky toilets

“The average household can leak more than 10,000 gallons of water each year, and much of that water escapes through toilets,” reports U.S. News & World Report. If you’ve got a leaky toilet, you could be wasting up to 30 gallons of water every single day. If you suspect that your toilet may be leaking, contact Plumbing Medic as soon as possible!

2. Washing your car

Kaady Car Washes asserts that washing your car at home uses more water than having it done by professionals. At the West Coast car wash chain, each car wash only uses 30-45 gallons of water. A home car wash, on the other hand, can consume up to 140 gallons. Moreover, many car wash services recycle water used during the washing process.

3. Long showers

If you’re fond of long showers, you’re likely to waste a lot of water on a daily basis. According to the Los Angeles Times, “Reducing the amount of time you spend in the shower from 8.2 minutes to 5 minutes can help you save 8.2% of the indoor water you use.” Yes, those minutes really add up! To save even more water, install a water-efficient showerhead.

We at Plumbing Medic take water conservation very seriously. Call us to learn about products and practices that help give you a greener home with a little more green in your wallet!


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