Tips for Purchasing a New Toilet

Not all toilets are created equal. You may not realize it, but there’s more to the porcelain throne than color and style.

If you’re in the market for a new toilet, here’s what to pay attention to:


“The first thing you’ll want do before you go toilet shopping is to measure from the wall to the center of the bolts at the base of the existing toilet,” advises Apartment Therapy. The number you come up with is your toilet’s rough-in. Unless you’re making significant renovations, you’ll want to look for a toilet with a similar rough-in.


For most of us, a taller toilet is a more comfortable toilet. Some are designed to sit a bit higher so that you don’t have to squat so low. In fact, these toilets are recommended for those with back, knee or hip problems.


Toilets make up almost 30 percent of all indoor water usage. WaterSense certified models, however, use about 20 percent less water than what federal standards require. If water conservation is important to you, look for a toilet with a low gallons per flush (gpf) rating.

Once you’ve found the right toilet for your bathroom, contact Plumbing Medic for top-notch installation. We offer fair, up-front pricing and promise no surprise charges!

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