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What’s New in Water Purification

With hard water being the norm here in the Phoenix Valley, we get a lot of inquiries about water treatment. Plumbing Medic offers a variety of water purification options, from reverse osmosis systems to point-of-use systems.

Below we take a look at treatment options that are poised to change the way we clean and drink water:

Forward osmosis— This method of water purification turns reverse osmosis on its head. It can treat dirtier water, uses less energy, and provides emergency hydration. PBS explains: “Instead of pressurizing water and pushing it through a membrane, forward osmosis relies on the natural tendency of water to flow through a semi-permeable membrane from concentrated to less concentrated solutions, eventually equilibrating the two.”

“Using water to clean water”— Clarkson University chemical & biomolecular engineering professor, Selma Mededovic Thagard, is pioneering a new water treatment process that’s being funded by the US Environmental Protection Agency. It starts by converting liquid water to vapor. Then, the vapor is heated until it becomes plasma, creating an electrical field so strong that it can purify gallons of drinking water in just a few minutes. Watch to find out more:

Moringa Oleifera tree seeds— Perhaps the most affordable water purification of all? Seeds from a common tree. Penn State researchers are investigating claims that seeds of the Moringa Oleifera tree can kill bacteria and clarify water. A protein found within the seeds not only kill microbial organisms but force them to the bottom of a drinking container, making the water up top safe to consume.

While these technologies are still being developed, there are still many viable options for homeowners looking to purify their water. Call Plumbing Medic today for a free water analysis at 602-661-1064.

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