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3 Flood Prevention Tips

Prevention is key, especially when it comes to plumbing disasters. Leaks and floods — even weather-related ones — are more avoidable than you may think. Below we discuss three flood prevention tips that can help defend against property damage.

1. Exercise your plumbing systemWhite Front Load Washing Machine

Take the following steps to exercise your home’s plumbing:

  • Open and close emergency shut off valves once a year
  • Flush your water heater
  • Run seldom-used drains once a week
  • Run your temperature and pressure relief valve for 10 seconds once a year

2. Inspect appliances for leaks

Look underneath and around plumbing appliances like the dishwasher, washing machine, and refrigerator. If you notice a leak, contact Plumbing Medic immediately! Through our 80-point safety inspection, we’ll keep your home and family protected, and we’ll alert you to danger should it arise.

3. Keep your roof clean

When dirt and debris accumulate on your roof, serious damage can occur. Don’t wait for a rare storm to come through to realize your roof needs to be repaired! Clean your roof and gutters regularly and keep an eye out for areas that require repair.

Other flood prevention tips include:

  • Keeping downspouts pointed away from your house
  • Updating your washing machine’s hoses at least every five years
  • Inspecting your water heater for rust
  • Checking water lines for leaks
  • Think about purchasing an automatic water valve shut-off device

For more flood prevention tips, contact Plumbing Medic today: 602-661-1064