How to Retrieve a Ring Out of the Drain

Rings and other small pieces of jewelry are far too easily washed down the drain. Panic sets in, and you probably think that family heirloom or engagement ring is gone forever! Fear not. We’ve broken down easy-to-follow steps on how to retrieve a ring (or earrings, house key, or other small valuable) out of the drain.

1. Do NOT turn on the water

This is very important. The flow of water could flush your precious item through your home’s plumbing and into your septic tank. Once it’s gone that far, you’re probably not going to be able to get it back.

2. Locate the P-Trap

It won’t be hard to find. The P-Trap is that “U” shape directly underneath your sink. Luckily, this part of your drainpipe will usually catch lost jewelry before it’s washed away.

Hands fitting a pipe

3. Get your tools ready

You’ll need a few tools to get into the P-Trap and retrieve your ring out of the drain:

  • Channel locks
  • Bucket
  • Rubber gloves

4. Turn off your water supply

Doing so will prevent water from flooding the room when you remove the P-Trap. Place your bucket underneath the P-Trap to catch any water and grime that’s within it.

5. Remove the P-Trap

Using the channel locks, loosen up the ring nuts attached to the pipes. Remember, righty tightly, lefty loosey! At this point, you should be able to simply wiggle it off and deposit its contents into the bucket. (It may be a little dirty, so you’ll be grateful for those rubber gloves.)

You’ll have to do some digging through the bucket, but your ring should be there! Now, put the P-Trap back in its place. Turn on the faucet and look closely for leaks. When everything looks tight and secure, you’re done.

Not confident that you can get the job done on your own? No problem! Call Plumbing Medic, and we’ll get the job done quickly and efficiently.

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