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3 Water Purification Options

Many people in the Phoenix area consider treating their water, and we can’t blame them. Here at Plumbing Medic, we have many options for you. Spending hours scouring the web to learn about water purification could drive a person crazy, so we’ve done the work for you. Here are three water purification options to look at:

1. Water softener

The hard water found in the Phoenix area is filled with minerals that can build up in pipes and reduce soap’s ability to lather. One way to combat hard water is to run it through a water softener first. This process removes minerals that create problems by replacing them with more desirable ones.

2. Reverse osmosis water systems

“Reverse osmosis” might sound complicated (and maybe even a little bit scary), but reverse osmosis water systems are actually quite simple. They work to remove impurities from water by forcing water through a semi-permeable filter, which allows only pure water to pass through.

3. Point-of-use systems

If you just want to treat small amounts of drinking water, then a point of use system might be right for you. You can attach these systems to faucets or install them under the sink. You can also set one on the counter. However, point-of-use systems do not purify the water throughout your home.

Other options include:

  • Saltless Systems
  • Whole house conditioners
  • Water conditioner

These water purification options need to be installed by a professional. For help choosing the right water purification option for your family and home, call Plumbing Medic today!


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