How to Handle a Commercial Plumbing Disaster

Business owners have to be prepared for just about anything. Even a minor plumbing problem can catch you and your staff off guard, slowing or even halting business operations. We at Plumbing Medic have seen it happen to far too many companies in the Phoenix area. That’s why we’ve created this guide on how to handle a commercial plumbing disaster.

1. Notify your manager

Whether you walk into a flood, a clogged toilet, or a leak, your first plan of action should be to alert management. Your manager will be able to address the issue at hand and determine whether or not the help of a professional is required. If you do need a plumber, you can count on Plumbing Medic; we offer 24-hour emergency service for all commercial plumbing repairs! More on that below.

2. Switch off the water valve

If you work in a smaller building, you may have access to its main water valve. If you do, turning it off will stop the flow of water, hopefully preventing your plumbing issue from worsening. Business owners with offices in larger complexes, on the other hand, often cannot get to the water valve. In this instance, contact someone in your building who can.

3. Get in touch with a professional

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The expert technicians of Plumbing Medicare available with quick same-day service for all your commercial plumbing needs. We offer upfront pricing, so you’ll never see a surprise charge. No matter what your commercial plumbing disaster — from a whole re-pipe to a simple clogged toilet — you can count on us!

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