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How to Avoid an Easter Plumbing Emergency

Easter is supposed to be a time of joy and rejuvenation. Nothing disrupts a peaceful holiday quite like a clogged toilet or flood! That’s why we’ve put together a quick guide on how to avoid an Easter plumbing emergency.

Colourful easter eggs on grass

1. Don’t take your kitchen sink for granted

The kitchen sink is important every day, but especially on Easter. You’ll need it when dyeing eggs, preparing Easter dinner, and of course cleaning up. Avoid using your kitchen drain as a garbage chute for grease and fat. They tend to stick to pipes, thereby decreasing their carrying capacity.

2. Keep a garbage bin near the toilet

Far too many people use their toilets as trash cans. Providing a small garbage basket may prevent guests from discarding of small items in the toilet. (You’d be surprised at the things we’ve seen!)

3. Schedule your guests’ showers

It’s important to plan ahead and spread showers out throughout the day. There should be at least a 10-minute break in between showers and baths to prevent clogs! Consider turning up the water heater to increase its capacity and meet the extra demand.

4. Inspect and clean your gutters

The buildup in your home’s gutters can lead to leaks and floods. Clean your gutters out before Easter Day to eliminate the potential for an inconvenient plumbing disaster. If birds have nested in your gutters, contact a bird rescue organization.

For the sake of your comfort and happiness, we at Plumbing Medic hope you don’t run into a plumbing emergency. But if you do, we’ll be here for you! Keep our phone numbers on-hand:


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