Top Money-Saving Spring Plumbing Tips

Winter is just about over, and if you’re like us, you’re already forming your spring cleaning checklist. After you’ve scrubbed the floors and flipped your mattresses, focus your attention on your home’s plumbing. Below, we present some of the top money-saving spring plumbing tips you’ll want to implement this season:

1. Listen for drip-drops. Even minor faucet leaks add up over time. Don’t pay more for your water than you have to! And remember, fixing leaks helps conserve water.

2. Buy strainers for all your drains. You probably already have a strainer in your kitchen sink, but don’t forget about your bathroom drains. Hair, soap, and other debris can clog drains just as much — if not more — than food scraps.

3. Adjust your water heater’s temperature settings. Anything higher than 120 degrees can cause scalding and waste energy.

4. Clean out your gutters. Buildup within your gutters can cause leaks and flooding when rain hits. Take care of it now and avoid dealing with a larger headache later on.

5. Flush out your water heater. Your home’s water heater may need to be flushed to remove sediment that’s accumulated over the winter. Removing this buildup will help your water heater run more efficiently.

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