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Here’s What Makes Arizona Water Hard

By now most of us know that the water in our area is considered hard. But what you might not understand is how it got to be that way. The experts of Plumbing Medic are here to clear up the confusion!

Here’s what makes Arizona water hard:

“Water hardness is a measurement of its calcium and magnesium bicarbonates, which together represent ‘Total Hardness,’” explains the Arizona Water Quality Association. These minerals create the things we’ve all learned to associate with hard water — scale buildup, plumbing problems, and soap scum.

The average hardness level for water in our area is 12.9 grains per gallon (GPG). Here’s what that means in terms of classification:

As you can see, our water is considered “very hard,” which can be disconcerting to some homeowners. The good news is that hard water is not known to be detrimental to our health. Still, you may be considering your water treatment options.

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