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Post-Memorial Day Plumbing Cleanup Tricks

If you hosted a Memorial Day barbecue over the weekend, you’re probably still cleaning up cups, plates, and chip bowls. Have you put any thought into how your weekend activities may have affected your plumbing?

Below, you’ll find post-Memorial Day plumbing cleaning tricks from Plumbing Medic:

1. Clean the garbage disposal

Memorial Day favorites — like corn on the cob and salads — do not play well with your garbage disposal. Suspect that guests may have abused the disposer over the weekend? Watch our video on how to clean up and freshen your garbage disposal!

2. Check appliances for leaks

Certain appliances likely got used quite a bit more during and after your Memorial Day party. (Think refrigerator, dishwasher, and ice maker.) Check-in and around these appliances for signs of a leak. Remember, even a minor leak can become a major expense.

3. Inspect outdoor plumbing fixtures

Whether you filled up the pool or ran a sprinkler, you probably accessed outdoor plumbing fixtures during your Memorial Day BBQ. Did you happen to notice how well water was flowing? If an outdoor spigot is just barely dripping, there may be a leak or cracked pipe. Contact Plumbing Medic for repair to avoid high water bills and flooding!

What other post-Memorial Day plumbing cleanup tricks do you have? We’d love to hear them! Sound off on Facebook and Twitter. We hope everyone had an enjoyable Memorial Day. If the holiday weekend left your home’s plumbing in disarray, get in touch with one of our expert plumbers today: Call us at 602-661-1064.