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5 Reasons to Install a Garbage Disposal

If you’re considering having an in-sink garbage disposal installed, it’s probably for convenience’s sake. But this handy kitchen appliance might have more tricks up its sleeve than you realize.

Here are five reasons to install garbage disposal:

1. Easy cleanup

They say the best way to keep a clean kitchen is to pick up after yourself as you’re cooking. Garbage disposal makes this task a whole lot easier.

2. Less food waste to landfills

Although the eco-friendliness of garbage disposals is heavily debated, one thing’s for sure: they help lower the amount of food that winds up in landfills. Why is this a good thing? Slate explains: “The decomposition of your trash in the landfill will likely result in more damaging greenhouse gas emissions, since the breakdown of your food waste may produce methane so quickly that it can’t be captured.”

3. Decreased garbage transportation costs

It’s estimated that each of us creates about 4.3 pounds of waste every day, and all of it has to go somewhere. Using garbage disposal lowers garbage transportation costs and helps reduce emissions waste management emissions.

4. Energy production in the water treatment plant

Counter-intuitive as it may seem, some municipal water treatment plants actually want more food waste in the water supply. That’s because the methane gas that’s given off can be captured and used to produce energy.

5. Clog prevention

Far too many household plumbing clogs are caused by large pieces of food that accidentally end up down the drain. With a garbage disposal, you can rest easy knowing that food scraps will be significantly sized down.

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