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Back in March, we put together a blog post with simple plumbing tips from our service manager, Mike Roberts. Today, we’re proud to announce that we’ve added several new instructional plumbing videos to our collection! Below, learn about everything from how to change a washer hose to how to fix a leaky hose bib:

How-To Change a Washer Hose

Changing your washing machine’s hose isn’t as difficult as it seems. First, make sure you shut your valves off. Then, turn your washing machine on and off to relieve the pressure out of the hose. Using a pair of channel locks, loosen the hose. Replace your old washing machine hose with a braided stainless steel hose. Hook it onto the valve, and tighten it until it’s snug.

How-To Change a Toilet Flapper

Is it time to upgrade your toilet flapper? This is a quick and easy do-it-yourself (DIY) project! First, shut off the water to the toilet. Then, flush the handle to drain all water out of the back of the tank. Disconnect the linkage from the tank handle; remove the flapper. Set a new flapper down on the wings of the flush valve, and reattach the linkage to the tank handle.

How-To Change a Shower Head

Newer showerheads tend to be more efficient, which can save you money on your water bill. To change yours, all you need is a pair of channel locks! Loosen up the shower head’s nut, and turn it counter-clockwise until it comes off. If you have a leak, put a bit of Teflon tape on the threads and screw your new shower head-on. It’s as easy as that!

How-To Locate Your Main Water Shutoff Valve

How would you handle a plumbing emergency? Would you know how to turn off your main water valve? The main water shutoff valve is the most important valve in your home, as it’s the valve you want to find immediately in a plumbing emergency, and also helps stop secondary damages. In this example, to shut the valve off, you simply turn it a quarter of a turn and then turn it back a quarter of a turn to turn it on. For circular handles, turn in a clockwise motion to turn off, and a counter-clockwise motion to turn back on.

How-To Fix a Leaky Hose Bib

This is actually an easy one to do! Underneath the handle, you’ll see a little packing nut. Grip the handle, and then with a pair of pliers, spin the packing nut clockwise until it stops. Your packing will then be tightened, and that will prevent any further leaking.

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