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How to Prevent a Clogged Toilet

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A clogged toilet is every homeowner’s nightmare. Not only are clogged frustrating, but they can also cause damage to your flooring and plumbing pipes. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent this common home problem. Here are a few tips that will help you avoid this plumbing hassle.

3 Tips to Prevent Toilet Clogs:

  1. Clear Off the Tank – The shelf on top of your toilet tank may seem like a useful place to store extra soap and toilet paper, but having these items on top of your toilet can actually increase your risk of clogs. These items can be easily knocked over into your toilet bowl, causing a clogged drain.

  2. Have Your Sewer Line Inspected – If you have frequent plumbing clogs, it might be because your tree roots are seeping into your pipes. Since your plants are naturally attracted to water, any leaks or cracks in your plumbing will attract deep-rooted plants.

  3. Know What You Can Flush – Many homeowners flush materials down the toilet without realizing that they are harmful. Avoid flushing oils, medications, plastic, diapers, and feminine hygiene products down the toilet. These products do not disintegrate in water and will clog your drain.

In the unfortunate event you do end up with an overflowing toilet – don’t panic. Our professional plumbing technicians are here to help clear your clogs and get your bathroom back in working order.

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