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Why You Should Clean Your Drains Before Your Holiday Get Together

The holiday season can be tough on your plumbing system. Whether you are hosting a holiday dinner or you just have friends stopping by for dessert, you’ll likely find yourself with more pots, pans and dishes to clean. This means that you’ll be using your kitchen sink and dishwasher a lot more often!

During busy prep and cleanup, the last thing that any host wants is a slow draining sink. Fortunately, you can prevent this frustrating plumbing problem by addressing your slow kitchen drains before your holiday party — so that your celebration goes smoothly.

Not having trouble with your kitchen sink? You’ll also want to prevent problems by taking a few precautions before your get together:

  • Keep greasy foods out of your sink. They can stick to the sides of your pipes and cause a clog.

  • Wipe off plates before you put them in your dishwasher.

  • Avoid putting starchy or stringy vegetables down your garbage disposal.

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