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Should I Treat My Hard Water?

Living with hard water isn’t easy: Faucets covered in mineral residue, cloudy glassware, and lifeless hair. Moreover, hard water can ravage plumbing fixtures and appliances.

What causes hard water, and what problems does it create?

Rainwater is naturally “soft.” But as it passes through dirt, sand, and rock, it picks up minerals that make it “hard.” While hard water isn’t bad for our health, it can be quite problematic for homeowners.

The most troublesome minerals found in hard water are calcium and magnesium. They leave behind deposits, aka “scale,” that negatively impact household appliance performance. Mineral deposits left behind on bathroom and kitchen plumbing fixtures are also, for lack of a better word, unattractive. Additionally, hard water makes it difficult for soaps and detergents to lather properly.

Should hard water be treated?

If you are considering water treatment, we don’t blame you! Here at Plumbing Medic, we offer a variety of options. Water purification is very relevant in and around Gilbert, Arizona. We would be happy to meet with you to share our knowledge and answer any questions you may have.

Here’s a look at some of the options available:

  • Saltless Systems
  • Whole house conditioners
  • Reverse osmosis systems & filter changes
  • Point of use systems
  • Water softeners
  • Water conditioners

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