Baby in the Tub with Rubber Ducks


Bath time should be fun and relaxing, but the tragic truth is that ten Americans die from unintentional drowning every day. Children and seniors are at especially high risk of drowning in a bathtub.

These deaths are preventable. In honor of National Bath Safety Month, here are a few tips for keeping your loved ones safe:

Supervise— Children should be supervised whenever they’re near water, including the tub. Accidents can happen in a flash, even in just a few inches of water.

Prevent slipping— This goes for both kids and the elderly who may not have the strength and coordination needed to hold steady. Install a slip-resistant mat to the bottom of the tub, and consider adding a grab bar as well.

Check the water temperature— Fill the tub completely, and then be sure to check the temperature before helping your loved one into the water. To prevent scalding, set your water heater to 120 degrees.

Cover up sharp edges— They may seem harmless, but faucet heads and metal rails are accidents waiting to happen. Find a rubber cover for the faucet head and cover rails with a towel to minimize injury if a slip or fall does occur.

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