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A Febreze-Inspired Water Purification System

There are lots of ways to treat your home’s water, and Plumbing Medic’s technicians are trained in many applications and many different types of systems. But when we heard about a Febreze-inspired water purification system, we just had to learn more.

Yes, we’re talking about the same air freshener you use in your home and car. Febreze works by trapping pollutants within the air. The new water purification system works on the same principles. It captures contaminants and prevents them from entering treated water reservoirs.

Digital Trends explains:

The active material in both Febreze and this new water purification system is called cyclodextrin. On a microscopic level, these cyclodextrin particles are shaped like cups, and they capture contaminants with pointy extensions in order to let only clean water pass. The cyclodextrin polymer can be used as a filter to keep purified water streaming into a clean reservoir as it traps contaminants behind. In testing, the cyclodextrin filter performed up to 200 times better than regular activated carbon, which is more commonly used in water filtration systems.

Researchers combined what we already knew about carbon water filters with what they learned about cyclodextrin to create a new form of water purification. The result is a fast-acting water filter requires very little energy to work. It’s also reusable, setting it apart from regular activated carbon filters, which much be thrown out.

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