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What Do Noisy Pipes Mean?

Are your water pipes making banging noises? If so, you may have more than annoying sounds on your hands — noisy pipes can also indicate serious plumbing issues. Listen carefully for clues!

If you only hear banging sounds after using hot water, your problem could be that the pipe is hitting studs, joists or support brackets. That’s because copper pipes expand when hot water runs through them and contract afterward. One solution is to replace metal clamps with plastic ones, giving the pipe a bit more room to move.

On the other hand, if your pipes are noisy when you turn on and after you shut off both hot and cold water, there are several different possible issues:

  • Water hammer problem
  • Improperly secured water pipes
  • High water pressure

Simple fixes can solve these booming plumbing troubles. Lower the water pressure, have air chambers installed and/or add cushioning devices, which can act as shock absorbers. Of course, if you don’t feel comfortable taking on any of these tasks, give Plumbing Medic a call for help from a professional plumber at (602) 975-2306.

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