What Is World Plumbing Day?

Have you heard of World Plumbing Day? The global observance, initiated by the World Plumbing Council, focuses on how plumbing affects health worldwide. This year’s event takes place Friday, March 11. Let’s take a closer look at what it’s all about:

Preventable diseases connected to water and hygiene take 3.1 million lives every year, and most of them are children less than 5 years of age. Approximately 1.6 million of these deaths are caused by diarrheal diseases associated with a shortage of clean drinking water and adequate sanitation.

World Plumbing Day seeks to bring awareness to the importance of safe drinking water and sanitation worldwide. Clean water should not be considered a luxury! It’s easy to take plumbing for granted here in Chandler, Arizona — accessing clean water is as easy as turning on the tap. But keep in mind that it’s not so simple for millions of people across the globe.

Here at Plumbing Medic, we understand just how vital access to safe drinking water and basic sanitation is. We specialize in products and practices that help conserve water. In fact, we’re proud to announce that we have been nationally recognized as a licensed green plumber by Green Plumbers USA. Plumbing Medic also offers water purification options that ensure safe, clean water for your home or business.

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