How to Fix Your Faucet Flow

Having trouble with your bathroom or kitchen faucet flow? Don’t worry – this is a simple plumbing fix!

Water flow is controlled by your faucet aerator. However, this fine wire mesh piece can become clogged with the minerals in your home water. When clogged, you may find that the water sprays unevenly or that there is only a small trickle when you turn the faucet on. Here are a few quick steps to help you change your faucet aerator and get your water flowing freely again.

Steps to Change Your Aerator:

  1. Take a small pair of pliers and spin counterclockwise to loosen the aerator.

  2. Take the aerator to your nearest home center and find a replacement that matches up.

  3. Screw the new aerator back onto your faucet.

  4. Use your pliers to tighten the aerator.

Watch Service Manager Mike Roberts tackle faucet aerators in our educational video below:

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