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How to Prevent Memorial Day Weekend Plumbing Problems

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Are you planning a Memorial Day party this weekend? As you get your plans together, invite over family and friends, and figure out what you will be BBQing, don’t forget to take a few extra steps towards caring for your plumbing system. Here are a few tips to prevent problems during your celebration.

Prevent Memorial Day Plumbing Problems:

  • Keep BBQ Foods Out of the Disposal – Certain foods can cause damage to your garbage disposal. Starchy foods like macaroni salad can expand and clog the drain, while bones from ribs can damage the blades. Be careful about what you are putting down your kitchen sink drain.

  • Give a Friendly Reminder to Guests – A clogged toilet during a party can be a nightmare. Remind guests to only flush waste and toilet paper!

  • Check for Leaks – With more people in your home, you’ll be using more water. Check for leaks before the party begins to make sure that you aren’t wasting water during the celebration.

If you do run into any plumbing problems this weekend, our technicians are here to help! We offer 24/7 service to get your plumbing back up and running.  We are here to help make sure that your Memorial Day party kicks off summer on the right foot.

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