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What Is the Difference Between Hard & Soft Water?

Despite what you might think, water hardness has little to do with how the water in your home feels.  Instead, the hardness and softness of your water has to do with the minerals that make up the water. Hard water is full of dissolved minerals, while soft water only contains sodium.

Do you know which one you have in your home? Here are a few tips to help you tell the difference.

  • Do You Notice Spots? – Do you notice that your water leaves spots on your dishes, shower doors, and sinks?  These spots are actually deposits of minerals from the water in your home. If you have these spots, you have minerals in your water.

  • Hair & Skin – Hard water can be harsher on skin and hair, while water that is too soft might leave your hair feeling oily.

  • Taste – Some people find that hard water tastes different from soft water. You may find that hard water tastes slightly more bitter, while soft water may taste slightly salty.

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