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How to Avoid Thanksgiving Plumbing Problems

Did you know that the day after Thanksgiving is the busiest plumbing day of the year? Between prepping for dinner and entertaining holiday guests, we know that your plumbing is not always the foremost thought in your mind. Fortunately, there are simple ways to avoid plumbing problems this Thanksgiving.

How to Avoid Thanksgiving Plumbing Problems:

  • Mindful Prep – Many Thanksgiving food scraps can damage your kitchen drain. Take a few precautions during your food prep to ensure that starchy, greasy, and fibrous foods are put in the trash, not your disposal.

  • Keep Guests Informed – Remind everyone to be careful of what they put down your drains. Small children may end up flushing something that they shouldn’t! Keep garbage cans in all of your bathrooms and stock up on toiletries so that guests aren’t tempted to flush anything other than waste and toilet paper.

  • Careful Clean Up – After you and your loved ones are done indulging, you will want to scrape off their plates before putting them in the dishwasher after dinner. In most homes, the dishwasher is directly connected to your kitchen sink and garbage disposal.

If you do experience and plumbing or drain problems this week, don’t hesitate to give our professional plumbing technicians a call. We are available to fix all of your plumbing emergencies, 24/7. Visit our website for more information or give us a call to speak with us directly.

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