Toilet Tank

Your Toilet Is Overflowing - What Should You Do?

An overflowing toilet bowl is every homeowner’s nightmare. Fortunately, by knowing what to do in an emergency, you can help make the situation less panic-inducing. Follow these steps when you’re faced with rising toilet bowl water.

Step One:

Open the tank on the back of your toilet and lift up the fill valve. The “fill valve” is the float that is in your tank. This should stop the water from filling up in your tank. You can also remove the tube to stop the water from filling.

Step Two:

Turn off the water flowing to your toilet. This will help prevent flooding. The water turn off valve is usually located near the back of your toilet.

Step Three:

Find the source of your problem. If only one toilet is blocked in your home, you might have a clog. You may be able to use a plunger or toilet auger to help clear the drain. If you’re still having trouble, it’s time to call the plumber. A plumbing technician will be able to help you find the root cause behind your toilet problem.

Watch our Service Manager Mike Roberts show you how to stop an overflowing toilet in the video below:

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