Go Green

How to Make Your Home Eco-Friendly

Looking to make your home a little bit more “green”? By making a few simple changes around the house, you can significantly cut back on your energy use and live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Today, we want to remind everyone in the valley of what they can do to reduce their environmental impact at home!

Eco-Friendly Tips for the Home:

  • Recycle More – You may be recycling at home, but are you recycling all that you can? Don’t forget to recycle all of the bottles, cans, and boxes around the house.
  • Install Low Flow Fixtures  One way to cut back on water use at home is by installing low flow plumbing fixtures. This is a simple home update, but it can lead to significant water savings over time. Consider swapping out your old sink faucet or showerhead for a more water-efficient option.
  • Create a Natural Landscape at Home – Plant drought-tolerant plants around your home. Not only will they last longer, but you’ll also be using less water at home.
  • Get Involved in the Community – Get involved in a local cleanup or volunteer to help recycle at work or school! There are plenty of events that are held in the Phoenix area that provide opportunities for you to give back.

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