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How to Save on Home Cooling Costs

Temperatures can climb pretty high here in the valley. As a result, many of us will be turning up the A/C. Fortunately, there are ways to cut back on home cooling costs without sacrificing comfort on hot days. These tips will help you cut back on home cooling costs this summer.

Home Cooling Tips:

  • Use Your Ceiling Fan – Your ceiling fan can make your home feel cooler. It can also help disperse your air-conditioned air throughout your home.
  • Close Your Curtains – Keep your curtains or blinds closed when you leave for work in the morning. This will help prevent solar heat gain in your home through your windows — and you can come home to a cool, air-conditioned home at the end of the day.
  • Schedule Regular Maintenance – Regular maintenance and care can go a long way towards keeping your air conditioning system working efficiently — and when your system is working efficiently, it’s cooling your home for less.
  • Change Your Air Filters- A dirty, clogged air filter can leave your system working harder than it needs to when cooling your home. Cool your home more efficiently, for less, by swapping out your old air filter for a new, clean one this summer.
  • Have a BBQ – Cooking dinner can cause your kitchen to heat up. Instead, take advantage of the warm weather and have an outdoor BBQ!

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