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Don’t Get Fooled by These Common Cooling Myths

In the internet age, it can be easy for the line between myth and fact to become blurred. The quantity of information out there about HVAC systems is growing, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the quality is too. If you are a frequent blog reader here at Plumbing & A/C Medic, Inc., you are only getting the #RealNews and we are even going to clear up some common myths for you:

Myth #1: Fans Are Not Needed If You Have A/CCeiling Fan

A fan and an air conditioner are not foes. They are on the same team and you need to teach them to work together to achieve maximum efficiency. When your air conditioner is blowing free-flowing air, it could be missing you and settling further up towards your ceiling where it warms up. To combat that and force the cool air down, you need to make sure your ceiling fan is turned in a counterclockwise direction.   

Myth #2: Lowering Your Thermostat Will Cool the Room Faster

If it is a scorching hot day, which we have frequently here in The Valley, people tend to go to extremes to get cool. One of the more common mistakes we see is homeowners will lower their thermostat to try and quicken the pace at which their home is cooling. MAJOR MISTAKE! The fan in the motor is not going to blow any faster, and lowering the thermostat is only going to make your unit work harder. Here are some thermostat facts to change your thinking:

  • Every degree on a thermostat is worth about 3% of your cooling costs.
  • So keeping an air conditioner at 71°F compared to 68°F will save you how much?
  • About 9% of your cooling costs!

Myth #3: Service & Maintenance is a Scam

This is one of the biggest mistakes you can possibly make. Think of your air conditioner as you would think of Cardinals’ star Running Back David Johnson. David needs maintenance like stretching, ice baths, weight lifting, and other things to make sure he is at his best. Similarly, your air conditioner needs coil cleaning, lubrication, and filter changing so that it can play its best! Don’t let it try to fend for itself or you could be left needing major repairs on a hot day.

Could your air conditioner use a check-up from the medics at Plumbing & A/C medic? It’s been an awfully hot Summer and this is around the time when we see units start to experience issues.

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