Why Is My Shower Head Leaking?

Why Is My Shower Head Leaking?

Is there a slow, steady drip coming out of your shower head? In addition to wasting significant amounts of water, this plumbing leak can also lead to rust and stains in your tub. Fortunately, this plumbing leak is fairly easy to fix — after you determine why it’s leaking.

Common Reasons Your Shower Head Is Leaking:

  1. The O-Ring or Washer is Worn – Remove the showerhead and inspect the threaded area where the o-ring and washer sit. If there is a leak around the threads, it can cause water to leak and drip out of the end of your shower head, even when it is off.  
  2. Mineral Deposits are Reducing Water Flow – If grit and calcium mineral deposits are blocking water from passing freely out of your shower head, you may experience a showerhead drip. Take the showerhead off and clean it to remove the minerals.
  3. The Shower Valve is Faulty – If the o-ring and washer look to be in good shape and the showerhead is clean, but you are still having trouble with a leaky fixture, there may be a problem with your shower valve. This can mean that there is a problem with the cartridge or diverter. In these cases, you may need a professional to take a look at your plumbing problem.

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