Common Causes of Odors From Home Heating Unit

The heating unit is among the most used appliances at home. It is uncomfortable and uneasy if it is not working. Fortunately, it is easy to identify signs when it requires servicing because of its odors. An odor does not mean that repairing it is expensive; it can be only a dirty air filter that has condensed to create mold in the unit. Here are the common causes of odors from the home heating unit and how to solve them.

Man fixing line box

•    Gas Leak
If there are no rotten eggs at your home, then the smell may be an indication of natural gas leaks. Natural gas is always odorless, but providers add the aroma to alert you when the gas is leaking. It is wise that you do not take this lightly. Open the windows, go outside and inform the gas company immediately.

•    Poor Ventilation
Most of the time when you turn off the heating unit it smells as if the gas is burning. In summer, dust settles in the unit, especially in the heat exchanger. When you turn on the gas furnace, the dust in it gets ignited. If this smell is not coming from the vents, then it is likely at pipe fitting within the equipment. Do not attempt to fix the issue alone. Call the technical to check the leak and make repairs.

•    Oil Leaking
The oil smell is a result of two things. First, oil is leaking. Tighten up the fitting in the tank, filter, or oil line if you see oil. It is not dangerous thus you do not need a technician to handle it. The second thing is the oil burner which is not working correctly. If there are soot, smoke, or unusual sounds, then it indicates a severe problem, and you should seek help from a technician.

•    Bacterial Growth
The most common problem of the heating unit is mold or musty smell. When the unit is running there is a lot of condensation taking place. When the moisture in the AC unit does not drain correctly, it can turn into dust and causes mold. Find out where mold has built up and clean it.

•    Electrical Problems
The electrical failure occurs when the unit is overheating. It is vital that you turn the heating unit off before diagnosing a problem. The first step is checking the air filter if it is dirty because this can prevent air flow free thus overheating the electrical resistance heaters. If the air filter is not the problem, then you should turn off the master switch. A qualified technician should diagnose the problem and make the necessary repairs

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