How to Love Your Home

Valentine’s Day is a few days away. If you haven’t already, you’re probably starting to think about how to celebrate with your loved one. But while you’re out showering your significant other with gifts, don’t forget to show your home some love, too! Here are a few ways to love your home this Valentine’s Day.

Miniature House with a Red Heart

How to Love Your Home:

  • Update Those Faucet Fixtures – We know that not everyone can afford a full bathroom remodel, but if your bathroom can use a little TLC, consider updating your faucet fixtures! This is a simple way to update on a budget.

  • Add A New Shower Head – New showerheads come with so many different features and in so many different styles. A new showerhead can add luxury to your bathroom for less.

  • Change Your Air Filters – You may not realize it, but your HVAC system works hard year-round — and works even harder when your air filters are clogged. Check your air filters and change them out when they are dirty.

  • Watch What You Put Down Your Garbage Disposal – If you’re cooking Valentine’s Day dinner for your loved one, be sure to avoid putting certain foods down your disposal. Grease, stringy vegetables, hard objects (like turkey bones), and starchy foods (like potatoes) can damage and clog your drain.

If you run into any problems with your home’s plumbing or HVAC systems, don’t hesitate to give our office a call.  We are here to help you with all of your home plumbing, heating & cooling needs!

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