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What’s That Noise Coming From Your Furnace?

Your home furnace can make some strange noises. But how do you know the difference between the standard hum that your unit makes when it’s turned on and the noises that indicate more serious problems? Here are a few of the more common furnace noises that you may hear — and why.

Furnace Noises Explained:


Do you hear popping noises when your system turns on and off? That’s OK. These popping noises are made when the metal ducts expand and contract — it is not a sign of a furnace problem.


If there is a rattling sound coming from your system, you may have debris or loose screws rattling around.


Clicking can be a sign that your system is turning on, but if you continue to hear a clicking noise long after your system has been on, there might be a problem with your furnace. Clicking can be a sign that there is a disruption in system relay.


A loud, banging sound could mean that there is a problem with your blower. It might sound like a loud scraping noise. If you hear this noise, we recommend that you turn off your furnace and contact a professional.


If you hear excessive vibration, check to make sure that all of the connecting parts of your furnace are tightened. If they are, it may be your motor nearing the end of its 15-20 year life span.

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