Toddler in the bathtub with rubber duckies

How to Celebrate National Bubble Bath Day

Need an excuse to wind down your Sunday night with a warm bubble bath? It’s National Bubble Bath Day!

While most of us hop in for a daily shower, baths were once the standard way we cleaned ourselves. Now, even if you don’t soak in a tub every day, it’s important to indulge every once in a while! Many people don’t realize that just a 20-minute bubble bath can help you relax your muscles, open up your pores, and cleanse your skin. Here are a few ways to amp up your bubble bath to celebrate today.

How to Celebrate National Bubble Bath Day:

  1. Add Bubbles. First, and most importantly, add bubbles to your warm bath!

  2. Light Some Candles. Set the mood by dimming your bathroom lights and lighting some candles. Not only will they smell great, but the soft lighting will help you relax.

  3. Put On Soothing Music. Put on your favorite playlist and tune out the world around you! Just be sure to keep any electronics far away from the water.

  4. RELAX. Bubble baths are an opportunity to let go of all the stress in your day, relax, and clear your mind for the week ahead.

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