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How to Choose the Right Toilet Bowl Cleaners

Cleaning the toilet bowl is no one’s favorite home chore. However, it is a necessary step in keeping your bathroom clean and germ-free. But are you cleaning your bathroom the right way? Here are a few tips to help you choose the right toilet bowl cleaners for your bathroom.

Toilet bowl cleaning

Do NOT Use:

Certain toilet bowl cleaning brands sell products to be put in the back of your toilet tank. DO NOT use these products, even if the label says that it’s safe. Many of these cleaning agents have chlorine and other cleaners that can soak into the gaskets, causing them to break down and deteriorate faster. Over time, this deterioration will cause a toilet bowl leak.

Do Use:

DO choose toilet cleaners that clip onto the bowl of the toilet. These automatic toilet bowl cleaners are safe for use if they are in the bowl, not the toilet tank. You can also clean your toilet with a gel or disinfectant spray. Turn off the water to your toilet bowl and flush the water so that the toilet drains a little. Then, spray the disinfectant spray and scrub with a toilet brush. Turn the water back on and flush for a complete clean.

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