What Are Common Air Conditioning Problems?

Man fixing the aircon

There is nothing more frustrating than an air conditioner problem in the heat of the summer — especially here in the Valley of the Sun. Whether your system won’t turn on, or it’s just not working as efficiently as it used to, here are a few of the most common reasons why homeowners experience air conditioning problems.

Common Air Conditioning Problems:

Your refrigerant is leaking.

Is our air conditioner low on refrigerant? You may have a leak. Before replacing the refrigerant in your system, have a trained technician inspect your system, fix any leaks, and test the repair. This will ensure that if you do have a leak and you are adding refrigerant to your system, it is not leaking back out of your system.

The air filters are dirty.

When was the last time you changed or cleaned the air filters in your air conditioning system? A clogged or dirty filter can keep air from circulating properly throughout your home. As a result, you may find that cold air is not being distributed to the appropriate rooms.

There is a problem with your thermostat sensor.

Your thermostat sensor measures the temperature of the air coming into the evaporative coil of your cooling system. However, if there is a problem with the sensor, your air conditioner might not be working properly. If you see that the sensor isn’t touching the coils, adjust it carefully.

Your drain line is clogged.

If your condensate drain line is clogged, the system won’t drain properly. As a result, your air conditioning system will turn off.

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