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#MYTHMONDAY Debunking Common Furnace Myths

We are here to debunk some common furnace myths that are told between friends, family, and fellow homeowners. With winter just around the corner, people are starting to fire up their heaters/furnaces. There are many methods out there to save some cash on your electricity bill, but which ones are just myths?

Myth #1: Setting Your Furnace to a High-Temperature Will Heat Your House Faster

Incorrect. Your furnace will heat up your house at the same rate if it were cooler. All you’re actually doing is making your furnace work harder to push out a higher temperature. Instead of using this method, just set the heat to a much lower temperature when you’re away and turn it back up when you’re home. That way you aren’t coming home to a cold place and it will not put much strain on your furnace to heat up the house.

Myth #2: It’s Cheaper to Run a Space Heater than my Furnace

This may be an awesome quick fix to feeling cold, but electricity to heat up the same amount of space is MUCH more expensive. It’s actually anywhere from three to five times as much in costs.

Myth #3: Ceiling Fans are only for the Summer Time

Yes, a ceiling fan is fantastic in the summer heat, however, most models have the ability to switch its rotation in the colder seasons. By doing this, you’ll actually be circulating the heated air that is hanging out at the top of your room pumped out from your furnace (remember heat rises) and it will move back down into the room.

Myth #4: Replacing All the Windows in My Home Will Save Me Money

This myth is actually inaccurate. Replacing an entire house of windows costs a pretty penny. Instead of worrying about nice windows containing the heat escaping during the winter, focus on all the little things around the home that are potential leaks. Adding insulation around wall sockets, changing out the insulation in the attic, adding weather stripping to your doors, and adding caulk to any window seals where you feel cold spots.

Myth #5: Closing off Certain Vents in my Home Will Save Power

The idea makes sense, close off the vent in an unused room and the furnace will not have to pump out as much air, which means I save money? This is actually not the case. If you close off certain vents in the home, your furnace might have to work a little harder. If certain vents are closed off, the furnace will be somewhat, backed up of hot air and be unbalanced. Forced-air heating systems detect balance and pressure levels in each room so the furnace can distribute heat evenly. Make sure your vents are open and not blocked.

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