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What Are My Options if I Have a Sewer Line Clog?

Are your drains currently running slowly? Even if you’ve snaked the kitchen sink or bathroom sink yourself? Or even hear gurgling in the pipes after a toilet flushing?

You may have a clogged sewer line. Sewer lines are about six inches in diameter and it takes a lot to clog them. The overall issue may not even be debris clogging them, it could be roots.

Roots are attracted to the moisture and warmth emitted from sewer lines and any cracks or loose joints can attract them. There are a few options you can go over regarding a clogged sewer line.

Chemical Cleaning Method: Some plumbers will recommend flushing copper sulfate down the toilet to kill roots, but it flushes so quickly it will have to be done often. Another chemical method would be to flush down metam-sodium (non-selective herbicide)  and dichlobenil (growth inhibitor). Using these two items together creates a foam that clings to the pipes and kills the roots. However, these will not fully flush out for a few weeks or months.

Mechanical Cleaning Method:  If you’re a homeowner that owns a sewer auger, it’s your lucky day.  Using this item could alleviate most sewer clogs. However, this item is large and expensive. Most of them are mounted onto trucks and power operated. Another useful tool is a high-pressure water jet (hydro-jetting) that can blow away roots and debris down the sewer line. If either of these are misused, they can damage the pipes.

Remember to always consult trained professionals before attempting any major plumbing repair on your own. These are solutions, but unfortunately, these problems are not always this easy to solve. For those hard to solve issues, the plumbing professionals at Plumbing & A/C Medic, Inc. have your back.

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