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Are Ductless Air Conditioners Worth the Money?

Like most things in the heating and cooling world, this answer really depends on your situation. How large of a space do you need to cool, how much are you willing to invest and what is the state of your current system? These are all questions we will take into account when we make suggestions for our clients and in this blog, we will give you some things to weigh out in your mind before you decide on ductless:

Ductless Air-conditioning

The Cons

  • The up-front cost of a ductless system can be two to three times greater than a normal central air conditioning unit.
  • Maintenance needs to be a priority with ductless systems and manufacturers recommend the cleaning of filters monthly. Accumulating debris and dust is even more dangerous for these units.
  • These units are not aesthetically pleasing to some homeowners because they do not go in the window and they are larger than the normal vents you would have with a central A/C system.

The Pros

  • If your children have moved out of the house and your cooling needs are much less than they used to be, the switch to ductless is great. You can individually cool rooms to the desired temperature so you aren’t paying for A/C that you aren’t using.
  • If your family is constantly arguing over being too hot or too cold, ductless is perfect for varying preferences.
  • If the previous homeowners were using window air conditioners and have no existing ductwork, ductless can actually be cheaper to install.
  • In the consistently hot Arizona climate, ductless is a good investment because it lowers month to month operating costs. The initial investment will be made back quickly in this area whereas a homeowner in Michigan or Montana might need more time to recoup their money.

The heating and cooling professionals at Plumbing & A/C Medic, Inc. are here to answer any questions you might have about ductless air conditioning systems. Our climate here in The Valley is optimal for these units and if your home meets the criteria for ductless, we think it would be a great investment!