Gas Furnace Repair

Is My Old Furnace Going to Survive the Winter?

Furnaces and Air Conditioners are tricky pieces of equipment. They need maintenance to survive just like humans and if they don’t get it, they could fall ill or even croak. We don’t want that for our HVAC equipment but when it is time to go, it is time to go. Here are four warning signs that the end could be near:

Excess Dust

If you notice an unusual amount of dust gathering near your furnace or in the air, that could mean bad news for your furnace. This is a sign that your filters are overly dirty and when that happens the motor needs to work harder to force air through and this leads to overheating. It’s like when your lawnmower shoots grass out because you are still cutting with a full bag.

Aging Unit

If you care for your unit and keep up with annual maintenance, you should be able to get 15 strong years out of it. If the furnace is approaching its expiration date and is in need of frequent repairs, it might be time to replace it. A new furnace will cause less hassle, use less fuel, and cut down on utility costs.

Fading Pilot Light

If you peek into the front panel of your unit and see the pilot light with a faded yellow color, there could be gas leaks in your line. This is extremely dangerous and if you notice this problem, turn the furnace off and call your Plumbing & A/C Medic, Inc. technicians immediately. Carbon Monoxide leaks could be silent killers.

Cold Air

Your motor or blower fan are likely the cause of this issue. These can be expensive to fix and sometimes it is better to just replace an older unit if it has these issues. Before calling Plumbing & A/C Medic, Inc., check your thermostat and make sure your unit is set to the temperature you think it is set to.

We provide emergency service to The  Phoenix Valley area and we work 24/7/365 to tend to your heating needs. This equipment can be dangerous if you are not a licensed professional and trying to complete repairs on your own could actually lead to more damage. Call us today at (602) 975-2306