Clogged Drain Pipe

Are Tree Roots the Reason for My Drain Clog?

We want you to all go back to biology class in grade school. Remember learning about photosynthesis? Plants need water, sunlight, and carbon dioxide to survive. They are living creatures just like us, so when their water resources are depleted, they will start looking elsewhere to find H2O. Unfortunately for you, that elsewhere is oftentimes your sewer line. Let us explain:

The Clogging

Your sewer pipes are often made of galvanized steel or orangeburg piping that can wear out over time under the ground. If they get even the slightest crack in them, tree roots can infiltrate the pipe. As we said earlier, when they are thirsty, trees will dig deeper and deeper into the soil to find water. Eventually, they hit your sewer line and there are plenty of resources for them in there!

The Testing

If you want to differentiate a sewer clog from an ordinary drain blockage, there is a fast and easy way to do so. Let’s say your sink drain is backed up in the bathroom. Try flushing the toilet or turning on the shower simultaneously. If multiple drains in your home are having the same issues, or if sewage is coming up through your drains, you know you have a ‘deep-rooted’ problem!

The Unclogging

A sewer blockage is kind of a big deal, but your plumbing experts at Plumbing & A/C Medic, Inc. have been down this road before. We will inspect your sewer line with a video camera to find the source of the clog. Once we do that, we’ll clean the drain with high-pressure water jetting or other drain cleaning techniques. Once that is completed, we can repair the line with a trenchless method so that you don’t have to tear up your property!

Here at Plumbing & A/C Medic, Inc., we are available 24 hours a day in the Phoenix Valley Area and this is not our first rodeo. We know the ins and outs of your sewer system and we can make what seems like a big deal into a routine repair. Let’s get to the ‘root’ of your plumbing problems together! Contact us at (602) 975-2306.