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How to Maintain Your Air Conditioner for the Fall

Fall in The Valley is not like fall in the rest of the country. We will still see high temperatures and the heat will need to be combatted with more air conditioning. Your unit has been hard at work for a few months by now and this is a great time to give it a refresh. Check the following four areas this weekend to give your air conditioner a boost:

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Air Conditioner Filters

  • This is the easiest and most important step of air conditioner maintenance!
  • Did you know that a dirty air filter can lower your air conditioner’s efficiency by 5-15%?
  • Stop ignoring the filter and change it now so you can get maximum efficiency as we head into the fall months.

Air Conditioner Coils (Inside of Your Outdoor Unit)

  • Your evaporator and condenser coils are in charge of cooling the air that passes over them so that you can feel nice, conditioned air.
  • Over time, these coils start to accumulate dust and debris from the air that they are coming into contact with.
  • When they are dirty, it’s almost like they are insulated and an insulated coil needs to work harder to cool the air.
  • Harder work means more costs for you!

Coil Fins (The Thin Plastic Slots on Your Unit)

  • Coil fins can harm your coils because when they become bent or deformed, it’s harder for air to pass through them.  
  • Your air conditioner likely came with a ‘fin comb,’ which is a tool used to straighten these fins and increase airflow.

Air Conditioner Drains (Plastic/ Rubber Tubing)

  • Air conditioners do have to deal with condensation issues and that water that accumulates needs to be drained.
  • If it’s not, internal problems will follow shortly.
  • Use your owner’s manual to locate the condensate drain inside your air conditioner. Once you find it, gently feed a stiff wire through it to clear the clog.

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