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My Electricity Bill Increased. Can It Be My HVAC System?

Woman reading the bill

You may notice your electricity bill has gone up, and you’re doing nothing different to account for it.

It can be a major hassle trying to figure out why your bill has been increasing. Sometimes it turns out to be something common like your HVAC system.

A faulty appliance can cause all sorts of problems, including higher energy bills. Here a few reasons why your HVAC could be the problem:

Poor Maintenance

Maintenance should be done at least once a year n heating/cooling units. The dirtier the air filter is, the less airflow there is. This makes the unit push itself harder. Using more energy to run. If the filter was just changed out frequently, it would maintain smooth operation. Also, for outside a/c units, dirt and debris can get inside the unit. Getting it cleaned out, thoroughly, will help you save wear and tear on the machine.


Sometimes, the problem is the ductwork. If something happened to one section of the airway, air pressure will be off. When that happens, the unit has to run at a harder pace to level out the indoor air pressure. The more it has to run, the more energy it will have to use up.

Older Systems

You may just have a unit that’s getting too old. Older heating/cooling units contain parts that are too old. They naturally start to wear out, causing everything else to work harder. Replacing the system with a newer HVAC unit will cut your bills significantly. More modern appliances will use much less energy than the older ones did. Swapping the old one out before it goes out completely will eliminate the headaches of having to take care of it in a hurry.

It’s essential to call a professional, like us, to check out your current HVAC unit. If there’s a problem, we can fix it in a snap. We can make sure it’s running in tip-top shape. 602-661-1064