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The Benefits of a Garbage Disposal

Uh, oh! It seems that your kitchen sink has a foul odor arising from the drain. What could it be, though? Indeed, it’s most likely some table scraps from Saturday night’s dinner. How could this issue be resolved down the road? Look no further than a garbage disposal — and here are some of the many benefits you should know!

Eliminates Odors

Sure, you might be quick to pour any dinner scraps down the kitchen sink drain before putting your plate in the dishwasher — but those “bits” have the potential to sit in the dark, damp drain for a while, which will cause a foul odor.

If you’re looking to keep your sink smelling fresh and clean (the way it should always be), then a garbage disposal will be the perfect solution. Of course, there’s a limit on what you can actually toss down the drain — such as bones and eggshells, to name a few — but this device will help keep your sink clear in the long run.

Lessens Carbon Footprint

Another marvelous benefit of a garbage disposal is that it will reduce your carbon footprint. Sure, you can always toss most of your meal way in the trash — but that will prompt you to use a plastic bag, which will create more pollution in a landfill. However, when you use your garbage disposal, you’ll have the option to eliminate that plastic bag altogether!

Indeed, you will need to continue to use your trash can from time-to-time — but if you have some natural food-based remnants that can’t be thrown in the disposal, then you can always start a compost pile in your backyard to keep the green movement going!

Keeps your Kitchen Clean

Looking to keep your countertops and sink basin spotless? Look no further than a garbage disposal! Sometimes when you clear table scraps above the counter, it will cause remnants to go askew — but when you opt for a garbage disposal, you’ll be able to take the loose table scraps (that are disposal-safe) and toss them down the drain. It’s definitely a win-win situation for anyone that opts for this fabulous feature!

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