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Could You Be Losing Air to Window Leaks?

Whether in the dead of winter or scorching summer, it’s imperative that you keep your home sealed up and well insulated. Many people are aware of and implement door stoppers or other strategies to keep air from escaping from under their doors, but have you ever thought about your windows?

Bathroom with big windows

Even a small breach in your window’s integrity could cost you tons of money over the winter. Cold air can slip into your home while the hot air moves outside, making it harder to stay at a comfortable temperature.

It’s a simple process to overcome your drafty windows, though. All you’ll need to do is follow these two easy steps.


The easiest way to check for a drafty window is simply to look closely. From the outside, it’s likely easy to see where any of the caulking that keeps the window frame and the house connected may have failed.

If this doesn’t turn up anything, another strategy would be to test close a piece of paper in a window and try to pull it out. If the paper slides out easily, then it’s likely to air could do the same.

Additionally, creating a negative pressure zone within your house by turning on the exhaust vents in areas like the kitchen and bathroom would naturally pull in air from outside through any cracks, giving you a surefire way to spot any breaches in your home no matter how small.


Once you’ve identified the gaps in your windows, it’s a simple matter of fixing them. You don’t even need to contact a professional most of the time.

Rope caulk and v-seal weather stripping are both inexpensive and easy to apply, attaching to windows to close the gaps without obstructing your ability to open or close a window. They can also be removed easily so more permanent repairs can be performed later on. Clear nail polish is also an option, as it can fill any cracks in your windows and harden to produce a firm seal.

Replacing the glazing around your windows, though, will be what you need to do to truly solve the issue. After removing the old putty holding your the window panes in place, simply apply a new layer and press it into place. This should fill any gaps and create a secure seal. Though it might be a hassle, having a window leak is far from a serious problem. All it takes is a bit of know-how to fix things up good as new.

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