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How Does a Heat Pump Work in Cold Weather?

Air source heat pumps can save people a big chunk of change when it comes to staying warm in the wintertime. Instead of using gas to heat up the entire home, the heat pump brings air from outside the home to inside. How does this thing work if it’s cold outside?

How does it work?Water Heater

When the heat pump is running during summer, it’s using a refrigerant to absorb heat from in the home, and then it is pushed outside by the air handler unit (AHU). During the wintertime, it works in reverse. The refrigerant absorbs any heat from the air outside and uses that to warm up the house.  Most heat pumps can absorb heat from the air even if it’s close to 20 degrees. These things move the heat instead of generating it.  These systems run on a small amount of electricity, they can cut down the price of your bills compared to using a gas heater all winter long.

What if it’s cold outside?

You might have thought, what happens if your heating unit freezes or if it’s too cold outside for it to operate? There is such a thing as hybrid heating systems, which is a great idea for homeowners in areas that hit below 20 degrees or less. Heating pumps are great for moderate climates. If you have any questions about your heating methods during the wintertime or any questions about a heat pump system for your home, be sure to contact us at Plumbing & A/C Medic, Inc.. We install, repair, and perform maintenance on all systems, brands, makes, and models.