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Should I Run Electric Heaters Instead of My Home Heater?

Running the home heating unit vs an electric heater, who wins? Every winter, the debate is the same: Should you be running the heating unit or an electric heater? Points in favor exist for both sides, but that only serves to confuse the matter more in the long run. Is there really any way to tell for certain which would be more efficient for your home?

Like with most issues, the answer lies in the details. Let’s break down the different aspects of this question and apply them to the average homeowner. Let’s see which is truly better for your overall winter survival, a home heating unit, or a space heater.


Cost is obviously one of the biggest factors to account for in the debate. As it’s likely the major motivator for the decision at hand. How much a heating unit will cost to run versus an electric heater will vary depending on many things. The biggest being the baseline price of your utilities. Compare the different prices for running each, as well as the method by which your home is heated.  (electric, natural gas, etc.) Essentially, you’ll want to decide whether you prefer an increase in your electric or heating bill based on which is cheaper for your household.


The area you intend to heat is another consideration to make. Heating an entire house versus a single room could potentially be done much easier with an electric heater. Though a home heating unit’s ventilation system can more efficiently move warmth between rooms in comparison.


Finally, the efficiency of each product you have at your disposal is going to make a large difference in how well you can heat your home, as well as how effectively it stays heated. For instance, an extremely old and buggy home heating system is likely going to be a worse choice compared to a brand new space heater. On the other hand, an older heating unit that takes time to warm up but heats your home much quicker overall might be a better choice than an electric heater that can barely warm a single room due to low wattage.


Ultimately, there is no easy answer to this problem. That being said, if you know what to look for and what factors to compare between each option, you should have no trouble finding the right heating method to use in your home. If you feel like spending more a month for immediate heat and direct heat, go for an electrical heater. If you want an equal warmth through the home at a slower warming up per room rate, use your home heating system.

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