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Signs You Have a Slab Leak

Slab leaks are very problematic because many homeowners do not even realize that they have one. These types of leaks occur when water pipes begin to leak in or under the foundation and concrete slab of your home. By the time it is noticed, the slab leak may have caused severe mold growth or problematic foundation issues to your home. Use these signs to detect a slab leak in your home.

Unusually High Water Bills – 
Check your water bill to see if your costs have suddenly spiked without explanation. It can also be a warning sign of slab leaks if you cannot lower your water bill even after cutting back on water usage.

Mold Growth – 
Even if you do not notice a leak, the increase in dampness may cause mold to grow. If you keep having mold problems at your home, especially in the basement, you may need a professional to check for slab leaks.

Strange Noises – 
Sounds of running water can signify a slab leak if you cannot find their source. Even if the leak is too small to be heard, it can cause unseen damage that makes your flooring creak.

Damp Floors – 
As water from slab leaks rises, it can cause puddles on your floor. Smaller leaks may also cause dampness without making an obvious puddle. You may notice dampness in carpet padding, along baseboards, or at the base of your walls.

Low Water Pressure – 
The constant water flow associated with a slab leak can cause the water pressure in your home to drop. If your water pressure is normally fine, you may need to check for a leak after you notice that your pressure is suddenly slow.

Foundation Problems – 
If the leak is bad enough, you may experience a shift foundation or cracked floors. This is a definite sign of a slab leak, and it requires immediate attention.

slab leak can cause a lot of damage, so you need to act quickly. If you have noticed any of these signs occurring on your property, contact us immediately. Our experienced professionals are available at any time of day, and the Plumbing & A/C Medic, Inc. staff has a lot of practice dealing with slab leaks. We know how to effectively manage plumbing emergencies and get your slab leak fixed as soon as possible.