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Winter Household Energy Saving Tips

If you are like many other people, when you think about winter months, you think about high energy bills. Some people even see their energy costs double or more during these months. Which can make it difficult to manage your budget. Everything from heating your home to powering lights and more may drain energy on a daily basis. The good news is that there are several ways for you to reduce energy consumption and save money.

Service Your Heater

To save money heating your home, your heater or furnace must work with maximum efficiency. However, worn out or dirty components can decrease efficiency and cause your unit to work harder. Regular maintenance service at the beginning of each cold-weather season may help your system to function with greater efficiency to save you money. This type of service may replace worn-out components and clean the system to restore it to like-new condition.

Adjust Your Thermostat

When you feel chilly indoors, your first inclination may be to raise the setting on your thermostat. However, you can stay warm in other ways, such as by drinking warm tea or cocoa, wearing a sweater or sitting underneath a warm blanket. Keep your thermostat adjusted to a lower setting to save money.

Use Energy-Saving Bulbs

Between holiday lights outdoors this last holiday season and the need to turn lights on earlier each day because of the shortened daylight hours, your lightbulb-related energy consumption probably skyrocketed this season. For both indoor and outdoor lights, consider using energy-saving bulbs. LED lights are a great option to consider. You can also turn out most of your lights during the evening if you are sitting by the fireplace or watching TV.

Stay Together

When all of your family members are scattered throughout the home, you may need to turn on more lights for hours each evening. You may also run multiple televisions and have to keep the thermostat set higher. If you stay together in the home, such as by watching TV together in front of a fire in the fireplace, you can conserve energy in multiple ways.

While you inevitably will see at least a modest increase in your energy bills throughout the winter months, you can contain energy consumption throughout your home with a few simple steps. These are exceptional tips that can have a major impact on energy consumption all winter and beyond. If you have any concerns about how your in-home heating unit is running, please contact us today. An improperly running heater can also run up an energy bill. Contact us today